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Moodle 2.7 release
Sunday, 11 May, 11:00 PM » 12:00 AM
  Moodle 2.7, Moodle 2.6.3, Moodle 2.5.6 and Moodle 2.4.10 are released.Release notesMoodle 2.7Moodle 2.6.3Moodle 2.5.6Moodle 2.4.10
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iMoot 2014
Wednesday, 14 May, 11:00 PM » Monday, 19 May, 10:00 PM
  iMoot is an annual event where the Moodle community of over 32 million users are provided the opportunity to join together on a global sca le. This web based event engages a global audience of Moodle practitioners , administrators and decision makers in one event for an online e-conferenc e with a difference!15 - 19 May 2014Location: OnlineFurther informati on: http://2014.imoot.orgTag: #imoot2014
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MoodleMoot Moldova 2014
Monday, 19 May, 8:00 AM » Friday, 23 May, 4:00 PM
  Perioada 19-23 mai, Universitatea de Stat din MoldovaÎntâlnire a utilizatorilor platformei de e-learninig Moodle din Republica Moldova.F urther information:
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10th Francophone MoodleMoot
Wednesday, 4 June, 8:00 AM » Friday, 6 June, 4:00 PM
  Dates: 4, 5 and 6 June 2014Location: ParisFurther informat ion: MoodleMoot francophone 2014 forum
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4th Western Balkan and Croatian MoodleMoot
Saturday, 14 June, 8:00 AM » 4:00 PM
  Location: Zagreb, CroatiaDate: 14 June 2014The 4th Western Balkans MoodleMoot will be held jointly with 4th Croatian MoodleMoot. We e xpect participants from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montene gro, Macedonia, etc. Experienced Moodlers from all over the region will o nce again share their experiences regarding Moodle administration, integra tion with other platforms, development of useful plugins, etc. with the a udience. The aim of the conference is connecting Moodlers from Western Balk ans into a regional Moodle network. The conference is organized by MMS - S erbian Moodle Network, HrOpen - Croatian Society for Open Systems and Inte rnet, and SRCE - University Computer Centre, University of Zagreb. SRCE w ill also host the event.
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Moodle Research Conference 2014
Thursday, 19 June, 5:00 PM » Saturday, 21 June, 1:00 AM
  19-20 JuneLocation: Los Angeles, California, USAFurther i nformation: #mrc2014
Global event 2014
Monday, 23 June, 8:00 AM » Thursday, 26 June, 4:00 PM
  Certifikovaný Moodle Partner společnost PragoData Consulting, s.r.o. připravuje konferenci 2014 v termínu 24. a 25. 6. 2014 .ístem konference budou prostory České zemědělské u niverzity v Praze, Kamýcká 129, 165 21 Praha 6 – SuchdolWorkshopy a kurzy pro zájemce o Moodle proběhnou před konferencí 23. 6. 2014 na stejném míst ě.
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MoodleMoot AU 2014
Monday, 30 June, 12:00 AM » Wednesday, 2 July, 8:00 AM
  Monday 30th June – Wednesday 2nd July 2014Location: Cairns Co nvention Centre, Queensland, AustraliaThe theme for Moodlemoot AU14 is the “Evolution” of Moodle and will focus on how Moodle is keeping pace with changes to teaching, learning, technology and environmental changes.Mo odle is the most widely used open source learning management system in the world, with over seventy million users in almost two hundred countries usi ng it to support their learning requirements. But Moodle, like any other o pen-source project, is also a living organism - an ecosystem of code, com munity and commercial interests that work together in unison towards the co mmon goal of providing a world class learning platform for the masses. Like all ecosystems, Moodle has evolved from its embryonic form in 2001 to its current status as a mature, stable, sustainable organism.But where to now? As teaching and learning evolves, so does Moodle, and in an increasi ngly dynamic environment Moodle needs to keep evolving to meet the needs of the educational community. How will Moodle keep up with those needs and st ay relevant to its users.Further information:
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Mountain MoodleMoot
Wednesday, 9 July, 3:30 PM » Friday, 11 July, 9:30 PM
  July 9-11, 2014 - Helena, Montana A small personable Moodle Moot in the heart of the RockiesFurther information: mTag: #mtmoot