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Day 2 Presentation

A learning environment enhanced by Smart Contracts

In today’s speed and quantity of information, the rising amount of online learning resources presents both opportunities and challenges. While accessibility to various knowledge has never been greater, it becomes more and more challenging to evaluate the “real” direction of interest and “real” skill sets a student has gained. Furthermore, there remains a persistent risk of declining course quality, adding to the complexity of navigating the overflow of available learning resources.

Ironically, employers simultaneously face the challenge of identifying candidates with highly precise skills needed for specialized roles amid a sea of applicants with highly divergent skills.

This proposal advocates for the integration of blockchain technology in order to address these challenges. By leveraging smart contract capabilities, a transparent and verifiable record of learning achievements, completed courses and instructors.

Implementing token-based reward systems and reputation mechanisms can also encourage educators to produce high-quality content and motivate students to actively engage in learning activities aligned with their interests and the needs of current workforce.

Moreover, smart contracts with its monetization possibilities can offer recruiters a clearer understanding of candidates’ skill sets and learning pathways in a standardized and secure way. This could help employers to identify suitable candidates more efficiently and finally complete the economic cycle between students, instructors and employers.

To summarize, the idea is to:

  • Motivate students to learn and adapt to their interests while finding the best courses available
  • Enable recruiters to search for specialized candidates for specific needs
  • Motivate teachers creating qualitative content
  • Connect students, teachers and recruiters more efficiently

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