MoodleMoot conferences are held around the world, with a focus on encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices of the open source learning platform.

MoodleMoots started when the global Moodle community saw a need to come together and share their experiences with the open source platform – what they have learnt, what works and what doesn’t – so others can learn from those experiences to enhance and improve their Moodle sites.

In 2017, there are many MoodleMoots happening across the world! One of the earliest MoodleMoot into the new year is MoodleMoot Japan – an annual conference organised by the Moodle Association of Japan.

MoodleMoot Japan has been held every year since 2009. This year, it will be held from 17 – 19 February at Jichi Medical University in Tochigi, Japan.

Moodle HQ recently talked with Professor Hideto D. Harashima, the President of the Moodle Association of Japan, to find out about what activities, presentations and innovations, participants can expect at MoodleMoot Japan 2017.

Read the full interview here.