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Next February members of the edtech community will meet in Toronto for MoodleMoot Canada 2018, we find out what’s in store for them.

MoodleMoot Canada 2018 (#MootCA18) is being held from 21 – 24 February 2018 at York University, Toronto, Ontario.

Like many other MoodleMoots, it will focus on encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices of the open source learning platform.

This year’s Canadian Moot is themed around “personalized learning for all”.

We speak to event organiser, Frances Long, to find out what to expect at MoodleMoot Canada 2018 and why Moodlers should come along:

Moodle HQ: Thanks Frances for taking the time to let us know more about MoodleMoot Canada 2018! Can you let us know a bit of background about Moots and the Moodle community in Canada?

Frances: Canada has a vibrant Moodle community with over 1800 Moodle HQ registered sites with many other active unregistered sites.

Canada has been hosting Moodle Moots since 2005, a biannual event that typically attracts approximately 400 delegates, both onsite and online, and an active list of those looking to share their innovative use of Moodle. Moodle is the preferred LMS for many post-secondary institutions, K-12 schools (outside of Ontario), and a growing number of corporate organizations.

Moodle HQ: What is the theme of MoodleMoot Canada 2018? Or what are the objectives that the community and organisers would like to achieve from this gathering?

Frances: The theme of the Canada Moot is Personalized Learning for All

The focus is on personalization and flexible learning in large and small group situations through the use of different Moodle tools, collaboration to enhance learning and learner choice, and providing feedback through various forms of feedback to support learner independence

The goal for MoodleMoot Canada 2018 is the same as every year. The Moot provides the venue for Canadians to reach out to other Moodlers in person and to develop a network outside of their organization. This is the one opportunity for Canadian Moodlers to get together and share best and worst practices.

Moodle HQ: Who should attend MoodleMoot Canada 2018 and what will they get out of being a part of the Moot this year as a participant or a presenter?

Frances: Canada MoodleMoot attracts workplace based trainers, teachers and instructors who use Moodle for training through to high level policy and decision makers such as: technology coordinators, curriculum developers, and administrators.

Delegates are from all facets of education, small and large business and industry, as well as from the nonprofit sector and government. In fact, delegates are sponsored by their organizations to take back information so that decisions can be made for future purchases and initiatives.

We expect representation from all provinces and territories throughout Canada. The typical delegate works primarily online, owns one or more computers, and owns at least one wireless handheld device.

For the first time we also have a number of workshops pertaining to the administration of Moodle. We’re hoping that Canadian Moodle developers will attend.

Moodle HQ: What are some of the highlights for MoodleMoot Canada 2018 that we can all get excited about?

Frances: The Moot opens with a keynote from Martin on the future of Moodle followed by a series of interactive workshops on Moodle tech, integration, use, and innovations in application.

A plenary panel on Access to Online Education features a number of thought leaders from across Canada that will focus on barriers to access including ethnicity, physical limitation, and financial considerations. How to fashion course design and use of open content and pedagogical strategies will be shared.

We also have Stephen Downes, Canada’s own philosopher and commentator who is followed by many Canadian educator, speaking on “Why Personal Learning?” Stephen’s focus is on issues related to use of learning analytics and big data which has led him to espouse about a personal learning approach that begins informally and is driven by task achievement with curriculum and pedagogy selected pragmatically to support individual learning.

Moodle HQ: Lastly, what is the best way to keep up to date with all the information and news about MoodleMoot Canada 2018?

Go to:
It is not too late to submit a presentation proposal, go to:
Follow us on Twitter: #mootCA18 or @canadamoot

To learn more about Moodle, visit the website:

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MoodleMoot India 2017 Dates & Venue Announced Fri, 13 Oct 2017 02:31:03 +0000 Good news Moodlers!

For the first time ever, Moodle HQ is organising MoodleMoot India 2017, in Mumbai from 18 – 19 December 2017.

Together, with our Moodle Partners in India: VidyaMantra, eAbyass and Ballistic Learning, Moodle HQ welcomes all Moodlers in the area to join us for two days of presentations, workshops, envisioning sessions, networking and social activities.

To register and secure your spot, please visit our registration page.

We would also like to invite anyone with a Moodle story or project to share to submit a presentation proposal through our online submission portal. 

Full event information is available on the MoodleMoot India 2017 website. 

We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai soon!

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MoodleMoot US 2017 update & new program Wed, 04 Oct 2017 23:41:11 +0000 Read more

With the recent Hurricane Irma hitting Florida, we know many Moodlers have been asking questions whether or not our MoodleMoot US 2017 – to be held in Miami from 6 – 8 November – is still going ahead or not.

Well, we have good news Moodlers…

YES, MoodleMoot US 2017 – Florida is going ahead and we at Moodle HQ, are really happy to share some important updates and changes for this upcoming conference.

We hope you will be as excited as we are with these updates.

Read about them all on our MoodleMoot US 2017 – Florida website! 

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Guess who’s lining up MoodleMoot Australia 2017 in Sydney? Mon, 04 Sep 2017 06:02:28 +0000 Read more

Moodlers! Did you hear the news? Our program for MoodleMoot Australia 2017 is now available!

We are excited to be bringing to you two keynote addresses, over 50 presentations, five masterclasses and a number of social activities and networking opportunities.

Some things we’re very pleased to bring to #MootAU17 include:

  • Keynote address by our chief Moodler, Martin Dougiamas, who is going to be sharing many Moodle products and platforms updates;

  • Keynote address by Dr Lian Loke, Senior Lecturer from University of Sydney, who will be outlining her research interest on how our experiences with technology today should be used to create products and platforms for the future;

  • A new masterclass – Moodle Course Design – by our Head of Education, coming all the way from the US, Tom Murdock;

  • Moodle projects across K-12 schools, universities and workplace in Australia and overseas, being presented for us to gain new ideas, learn and innovate from.

Will we see you at MoodleMoot Australia 2017 for these activities and more?

Book your tickets today!

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MoodleMoots around the world Fri, 11 Aug 2017 03:30:31 +0000 Do you want to recharge your practice, discover state of the art in online learning and meet your peers at a MoodleMoot near you?

So far, we have seen so many MoodleMoots around the world – Japan, France, Germany, Brazil, New Orleans – and there plenty more to come.

Our global MoodleMoots are organised by us here at Moodle HQ, our Moodle Partners or our dedicated Moodle community members.

Have you attended a MoodleMoot as yet?

If you haven’t, not to worry! We have many more MoodleMoots coming up around the world between now and the rest of the year and we look forward to you joining us as a presenter or a participant!

Here is a full list of our global MoodleMoots, as of 11 August 2017:

MoodleMoot Guatemala
22 August
Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala

MoodleMoot Colombia
31 August – 1 September
Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, Bogotá

MoodleMoot Romania
23-25 August
Ibis Hotel, Bucharest

MoodleMoot Australia
26-28 September
Sherton in the Park, Sydney

MoodleMoot Paraguay
26-28 September
National University of Asunción, San Lorenzo

MoodleMoot Italy
28-30 September
Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome

MoodleMoot Brasil – Rio de Janeiro
5-6 October
PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro

MoodleMoot Peru
2-3 November
Lima, Peru

MoodleMoot US – Florida
6-8 November
Hyatt Regency, Miami

MoodleMoot Brasil – Salvador
13-14 November
State University of Bahia, Salvador

See you at a MoodleMoot soon!

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We wrap a MoodleMoot from the “Big Easy” (New Orleans) Fri, 04 Aug 2017 00:46:21 +0000 Thunderstorms, rain and extreme humidity did not stop Moodlers from around the US and our own Moodle HQ staff from around the globe, to travel to the “Big Easy” New Orleans for the first chapter of our MoodleMoot US 2017.

From a first day of mobile and learning analytics masterclasses through to a second day of keynote address with our chief Moodler and a variety of presentations and a final day of envisioning sessions and more presentations (plus a little must do’s when you are in New Orleans), we wrap up MoodleMoot US 17 – New Orleans.

Read what happened in New Orleans from 25 – 27 July for the first chapter of #MootUS17. 

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Here’s a sneak peek for what’s in store for MoodleMoot US 2017-New Orleans. Fri, 21 Jul 2017 05:09:40 +0000 MoodleMoot US 2017 – New Orleans, hosted by BbWorld, starts in just 4 days, from 25 – 27 July.

From around the world and within the US, our Moodle HQ staff and Moodlers are flying in this weekend to get together, share the latest in online learning and collaborate.

Over the last few weeks, we have talked to a number of our presenters to get an idea on what their presentations are about! We are so glad to share a sneak peek on what you can expect at #MootUS17 – New Orleans.

Watch them today! 

PS There is still to register and book your spot!

See some of you Moodlers in New Orleans soon.

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We wrap up what our chief Moodler described as a très cool MoodleMoot France 2017 Wed, 19 Jul 2017 05:49:31 +0000 Straight from Mannheim from MoodleMoot Germany 2017 (#MootDE17), we headed off to Lyon, France for MoodleMoot France 2017 from 28 – 30 June.

Let’s take a short summary “trip” of the recent MoodleMoot France 2017!



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A summary of MoodleMoot Germany 2017 Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:09:42 +0000 MoodleMoot Germany 2017 was recently held between 21 – 23 June at Mannheim University.

The conference was a three-day event that began with workshops before a full two days of key notes (including one from our Founder and CEO, Dr Martin Dougiamas), presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions.

We have summarised the three days of MoodleMoot Germany 2017 in a news article post on our website.

Have a read today and access videos of Martin’s keynote and also slides of other presenters.


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Recharge your practice, discover the state of the art in online learning and meet peers at MoodleMoot near you! Wed, 07 Jun 2017 10:30:53 +0000 .blog-single .post-media {background-color:#203445;}

Paraguay, France, Germany, USA – more and more MoodleMoots are happening around the world. We have updated our list below to include a number of MoodleMoots run by our dedicated Moodle communities and also by us here at Moodle HQ.

So, if you are interested in any of them, put them in your diaries, book your spot to participate or submit a proposal to present at MoodleMoot.

MoodleMoot Germany
21 – 23 June
Mannheim University, Mannheim

MoodleMoot France
28 – 30 June
Université Jean Moulin, Lyon

MoodleMoot US 2017 – New Orleans, hosted by BbWorld
25 – 27 July
Ernest N. Morial Convention Centre, New Orleans

MoodleMoot Australia
26 – 28 September
Sheraton on the Park, Sydney

MoodleMoot Paraguay
26 – 28 September
Universidad Nacional de Asunción, San Lorenzo

MoodleMoot Guatemala
22 August
*More information to come soon!

MoodleMoot Peru
2 – 3 November
*More information to come soon!

MoodleMoot US 2017 – Miami
6 – 8 November
Hyatt Regency, Miami

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