Do you want to find out what’s new with Moodle? Or maybe you’re curious to find out which Moodle features and capabilities you can use to make the learning platform more powerful?

Good news, you can do all this and more at MoodleMoot Africa 2018!

One of the key MoodleMoot “tracks” is Moodle development. This means we will share our software news, tips and more with MoodleMoot attendees.

We spoke to Moodle HQ’s own Sander Bangma to find out more about Moodle development at MoodleMoot Africa, let’s find out what he said:

Moodle HQ: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Sander, can we start with you telling us about yourself?

Sander: I joined Moodle in November last year in the role of Open Source Development Coordinator. In this role I manage and coordinate Moodle’s Open Source team and their activities.

Working closely with all stakeholders, including the community, end-user organisations, Moodle partners and the Moodle User Association, my role involves identifying the important new projects for us to work on and then coordinating them within the team to ensure we deliver the right features for each release.

Moodle HQ: MoodleMoots are a great place to discover new Moodle features and learn how they can be used to make our learning platform more powerful. What feature highlights can MoodleMoot Africa 2018 attendees look forward to learning more about?

Sander: The GDPR features to assist Moodle sites to become compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, are a key part of the Moodle 3.5 release.

Of course that’s not all! The release was packed with other great features including; improved tagging of questions in the question bank, support for LTI Advantage, audio and video recording in the Atto text editor, cohort themes and additional badge criteria.

The mobile app also has a number of great new features, including a new design, and additional and better support for plugins. In general, MoodleMoots give our community an opportunity to learn about Moodle from the people that make Moodle. Meeting the Moodle HQ team face-to-face can provide unique insights into our features.

Moodle HQ: It’s not just Moodle HQ team members who will present at MoodleMoot Africa 2018, members of our global community can also present. What presentations would you look forward to seeing?

Sander: I would enjoy finding out how Moodle’s community use and edit our core features to suit the individual needs of their organisations.

Presentations which share the stories and experiences of our Moodle community gives Moodle HQ unique insights about how Moodle is used. We can use these examples for future planning and goals.

Moodle HQ: What are the benefits of Moodle users presenting at a MoodleMoot?

Sander: At Moodle we embrace open source and we really value Moodle users sharing their experiences!

By sharing your knowledge you can help your peers make better and more effective use of the world’s most popular learning platform.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to gain feedback from Moodle HQ and other edtech experts, which in turn, will empower you too!

Has Sander has inspired you to join Moodle HQ, our Moodle Partners and our global community at MoodleMoot Africa 2018? If so, find out how you can get involved: