We’re excited to announce the addition of an inspiring educational leader to MoodleMoot Australia 2018. A teacher, consultant, writer and educational leader, Erica McWilliam is an advocate for quality education.

Erica’s career has involved four decades as an Australian secondary teacher, educator and writer, moving from two decades in the schooling sector to a professorial role as an educational leader in the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and in Singapore at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang University. She is now a Fellow of the Australian Council of Educators and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

For MoodleMoot Australia 2018, Erica will explore how quality learning routines depend on accessibility and seamlessness. In particularly, she will encourage attendees to “look over the horizon at the digital environment and consider how platforms such as Moodle can create an environment that will result in strong learning outcomes.”

Our Moodlemoot conferences focus on encouraging collaboration and sharing ideas with industry-leading experts from around the world. “As a consultant I need to learn and inform myself. There is so much we can get from each other, like the understanding of how the environments work best, and how to plan for future education.” said Erica.

Check out more details about Erica’s MoodleMoot Australia presentation.

To learn more about Erica visit her website.

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