MoodleMoots are a space to talk about edtech, collaborate and share best practices around Moodle. They also have a dedicated space where you can speak to our Moodle Partners and MoodleMoot sponsors and learn how to expand and enhance your Moodle sites.

Catalyst is one of our international Moodle Partners and Moot supporters, specialist in open source and working with Moodle since 2003.  They will be at MootAU18, and we have spoken to them about how they can help boost your e-learning projects and about what they will be sharing with us at the event.

Moodle HQ: For those new to Moodle or the Moodle Partnership network, would you be able to please tell us a little bit about Catalyst Australia? What services do you provide? How does Catalyst extend an organisation’s Moodle site?

Catalyst: Catalyst is a global group of open source software specialists offering the full suite of Moodle services. From front-end consulting through to custom feature development. Catalyst has been involved in the Moodle project since 2004.

Catalyst has a global team of Moodle specialists offering fully managed cloud Moodle platforms to the education, corporate and government market. Catalyst also performs bespoke consulting engagements for our clients with on-prem Moodle instances.

Catalyst manages some of the largest Moodle instances in Australasia.

Catalyst regularly contributes to Moodle core and has over 30 of open source plugins available in the Moodle plugins database!

Moodle HQ: What will Catalyst be presenting at MoodleMoot Australia 2018? What topics or tracks can we look forward to?

Catalyst: Catalyst have several of our AU team presenting at this years Moot. You will get to hear from us on topics including:

  • Moodle integrations and plugin development
  • Learner engagement
  • Course rollovers
  • How teaching and support stuff can better handle issue reporting
  • Using Moodle as an Assessment platform

Checkout the Moot schedule for more details and times.

Moodle HQ: What can attendees expect from visiting the Catalyst Australia stand at MoodleMoot Australia 2018?

Catalyst: Attendees visiting the Catalyst stand will be able to talk to senior members of Moodle development and delivery teams. Please take the opportunity to come by as we love talking to people about their Moodle uses, the benefits they have seen and any challenges that you might be experiencing. First and foremost we are motivated and excited by solving our clients problems.

We’ll also be happy to demo some of the open source plugins that we have developed that are free to the community. There are some handy tools for scheduled outage management and cloud file storage.

Catalyst also have a number of other offerings in the open source space, having recently launched our Open Learning initiative.

Moodle HQ: Lastly, how can someone keep in touch with information and updates from Catalyst Australia?

Catalyst: Follow the Catalyst AU twitter account @Catalyst_IT_AU and the MoodleMoot AU hashtag #MootAU18