Enhancing your Moodle site, discovering the plugin you need or finding new ways to empower your e-learning project are only some of the things that our MootAU18 sponsors can do for you. Attend their presentations at the Moot and talk to them in the exhibition area to get ideas and insights on edtech and development!

Today we talk to our sponsor Echo360 about their participation in the Moot and the new features of their solution that they will be presenting.


Moodle HQ: Let’s start with a summary of what is Echo360, and what services can Moodlers access from Echo360 to enhance or extend their Moodle sites?

Echo360: Echo360 extends your Moodle environment into the classroom with video and active learning capabilities that bring visibility to student engagement, including:

  •          Lecture recording and review
  •          Online classroom presentations for students
  •          Embedded student response activities
  •          Student notes linked to class content and video
  •          Real-time discussions to support peer-to-peer learning
  •          Confusion indicator so students can alert their instructors when they are feeling lost

And because students use it to engage with instructors, peers, and course content, Echo360 can provide unique learning analytics that no other platform can. Instructors can see a customised engagement score for each student and drill down on individual learning activities


Moodle HQ: What can attendees expect from visiting the Echo360 stand at MoodleMoot Australia 2018?

Echo360: This past year, innovation has been a major theme here at Echo360, and we are excited to show you all the new features that we’ve recently launched and are currently developing including universal capture and our automated speech recognition partnership with Amazon.  We’ve come a long way since our lecture capture days. We now support all your video needs across your institution to include:

  • Recording & Streaming
  • Video Management
  • Video Learning & Engagement
  • Student Analytics

We strengthen teaching and learning communities through leading video platform technology designed to work the way your instructors and students do. Best of all, we’re the only solution you’ll need.

Moodle HQ: Lastly, how can someone keep in touch with information and updates from Echo360?

Echo360: Learn more at Echo360.com

Twitter: @echo360.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/echo360-inc-/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/echo360/

Have an Echo360 representative contact you: echoanz@echo360.com


And, of course, you can visit their stand at MoodleMoot Australia – Book your spot now!