MoodleMoot Australia is an undoubtedly unique edtech event. As well as the expected ingredients – keynotes, presentations and panel sessions – there is the addition of innovative workshops and “hands on” experiences.

Dr Stephen Dann is providing such an experience. A Certified Lego® Serious Play™ Facilitator, a Senior Lecturer at the Australian National University and a long time Moodle operator, Stephen has extensive edtech experience.

He discussed his role at MoodleMoot Australia with us, let’s see what he said…

Moodle: Let’s jump in at the deep end, can tell us what you have in store for us at MoodleMoot Australia 2018?

Stephen: Two shows and a matinee!

Personally, I’m giving a talk on how the Lego Serious Play (LSP) process has enabled me to reach out to my students in a different way to get them to think about what they want from the LMS experience. In the time honoured tradition of show, not just tell, I’ll be running a very similar workshop experience for team Moodle on understanding the next phase of the Moodle development process using the LSP approach to help give people a taste of the method, and a chance to feedforward into Moodle’s evolution.

Moodle: Lego Serious Play sounds like serious fun, but aside from a good time, what can attendees hope to gain from it?

Stephen: The Serious Play process we’re running at the MoodleMoot is a chance for participants to give their suggestions, feedforward and guidance to the Moodle crew, through a new experience.

We’ve all done surveys for suggestions before, or broken out the butcher’s paper and sticky labels for idea storming. Here, with the Lego, we’re giving people a shot at a new process of surfacing ideas, of sharing experiences, and helping the Moodle community and you get to play with Lego on purpose for a couple of hours.

Moodle: It sounds great, how can MoodleMoot attendees we get involved?

Stephen: Sign up for the workshop, we really have limited space, and the organising team worked overtime to squeeze the most opportunity for participants to be involved out of the space. After that, come on down to the session, and experience the combination of Serious Play and idea sharing for helping the development of Moodle.

If you can’t make the session, I do have a little something for the main area – I’m bringing thirty (30) kilos or so of Lego out to MoodleMoot for people to use for their brain’s palette cleanser between sessions. The Lego Creativity Space (aka the Lego Puddle) is there all conference to give people a space and place to play, maybe sketch out ideas in Lego over a conversation, or just trust your hands to guide your build. Come for the Moodle, play with the bricks, and stay connected with others. That’ll be running for the three days, and I’ll be around there between sessions if people want a chat.

Moodle: This has made it onto our “MoodleMoot to do list”! However we want to know what YOU are looking forward to experiencing.

Stephen: Being a little cheeky here, I am looking forward to running the session because I get to see amazing ideas come to life.

Then again, that’s what I come to MoodleMoot for – a change to see new ideas in play, to witness the early mode of Moodle upgrades, and hangout with fellow friends of the Moodle community to see what we can get the platform to do next.

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