In May 18 an 19, 2019, professionals of edtech will get together in Suzhou to share ideas and exchange knowledge on how to improve teaching, learning and researching techniques using the open-source learning management system called Moodle.

Educators, instructional designers and open-source developers will learn from each other through presentations and hands-on workshops, in a collaborative and vibrant gathering in the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. Delegates will also have the chance to meet and share insights with some of the people behind Moodle, like CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas.

Moodlers in China: we’d love you to join us at the first ever #MootCN19!

Registrations for MoodleMoot China will open very soon, so keep an eye on this website to book your tickets!


教育工作者,教学设计师和开源开发者将通过演讲和实践研讨会,在西交利物浦大学的协作和充满活力的聚会中相互学习。 代表们还将有机会与Moodle背后的一些人见面并分享见解,如CEO和创始人Martin Dougiamas。


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