MoodleMoots provide a space for edtech enthusiasts and Moodle users to collaborate on how to innovate with our open source LMS and improve the way we teach and train. That includes our Moot sponsors, who can speak to Moodle users about how to enhance their Moodle learning environments to support their teaching and training projects.

Unicheck is our Gold Sponsor at MoodleMoot Global 2019. Unicheck is a community-driven company that makes a robust plagiarism solution, including authorship verification, academic cheating prevention, and code plagiarism detection.

Today we talk to Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck about what to expect from Unicheck at the Moot and how they can help your organisation achieve a culture of authenticity.

Moodle HQ: Hi there, thank you for talking to us today. For those who might not know Unicheck, could you tell us a little about your solution and what role it plays in on-line learning?

Serhii Tkachenko: Yes, sure, with pleasure. Unicheck is a comprehensive plagiarism prevention solution for education. It was developed to help institutions worldwide make students more successful.Upholding academic integrity has always been quite a challenge. Moreover, in times when access to information is vast, we strive to nurture the culture of authentic thinking and writing in students. On the one hand, the Unicheck plagiarism checker highlights parts of student assignment that requires original thought and educates them to cite content properly. On the other hand, it takes the burden of the student papers’ originality validation off of educators’ shoulders.

Moodle HQ: What can delegates learn from Unicheck’s presentations at MootGlobal19?

Serhii Tkachenko: Well, that’s an interesting one, because the matter of plagiarising among learners has basically split instructors in two camps. Ones claim that trust to the students is the only adequate platform for quality education. Others at the same time profitably utilize a plagiarism prevention solution as a vital part of their Learning Management Systems.
That said, multiple surveys confirm the growing trend in academic dishonesty (79 to 86% of students report cheating at least once per month). On top of that, cheating methods become more advanced and sophisticated. As much as they become hardly identifiable with the unaided eye.
In our presentation, we will showcase the most inventive, high tech cheating methods students resort to in order to compromise a plagiarism detection solution in their school. That’s where every time teachers learn lots and lots of new stuff, believe me!

Moodle HQ: And finally, how can delegates keep updated with Unicheck’s latest news or contact you before the Moot?

Serhii Tkachenko: Oh, easy. First, block a time slot for a personal meeting with our team during the Moot.

Also, go to and launch your free account to both discover Unicheck’s functionality and keep updated with the latest news.

If you have any questions left, just drop an email to our Head of Business Development Olena Ponomarchuk here She will definitely break everything down for you.