From the 1-2 December 2018, Moodlers will get together in Athens, to share ideas, collaborate and network at MoodleMoot Greece 2017.

Hosted by members of the Moodle and open source community at the Athens University of Applied Sciences, attendees will be treated to two days of presentations, a keynote from our chief Moodler, Martin Dougiamas, and workshops on all things edtech, online learning and open source.

We speak to one of the event organisers, Kostas Papadimas, to learn more:

Moodle HQ: Thank you Kostas for taking the time to talk to us today about MoodleMoot Greece 2017.

Are you able to let us know a little bit about MoodleMoot Greece 2017 – what is the focus or the theme of the Moot this year? What are the goals or objectives? Who is involved in the organisation of the event?

Greece has a large active Moodle community. Our objectives are to make community come together, get in touch and share their experiences with the Moodle open source platform in order to enhance and improve their educational projects. MoodleMoot Greece is co-organised by Open Technologies Alliance,GFOSS, Athens University of Applied Sciences, Hellenic Open University, Eastern Macedonia Institute of Technology, Greek School Network and WIDE Services (Moodle Partner)

Moodle HQ: Who should attend MoodleMoot Greece 2017 and what will they get out of being a part of the Moot this year as a participant or a presenter?

Kostas: MoodleMoot Greece 2017 is a two day conference for all users, developers and administrators of the Moodle platform. Educators of primary, secondary and vocational education, researchers, academics, professionals and companies, that use and develop courses, will share their knowledge and experiences and learn new ways to improve their learning environment.

Moodle HQ: We see submissions to present at the Moot is now open. Can you let us know what types of presentations the organisers would like to see this year?

And how should people submit their presentation proposals?

Kostas: MoodleMoot Greece is accepting submissions about case studies of innovative uses and development of Moodle in Greece and presentations of good practices which are useful for the community.

We have created an online application for presentation proposals.
Guidelines of presentation proposals, including formats and how to submit online could be found at this link

Moodle HQ: Lastly, what is the best way to keep up to date with all the information and news about MoodleMoot Greece 2017?

The best way to keep up to date is from social media and the official site.
Facebook, Twitter and MoodleMoot Greece official site