A look inside what you can expect at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

Moodlers in UK & Ireland, have you heard the good news?

We at Moodle HQ are pleased to bring to you another MoodleMoot event in 2018, to be held at University of Strathclyde in the heart of Glasgow, from 24 – 26 March.

This year, we are in particular looking at Moodle presentations, workshops and updates that focus on:

  • Moodle development in terms of performance enhancements, Moodle in the clouds, modernisation of the UI/UX, Moodle Mobile and more;
  • GDPR compliance for your Moodle sites;
  • Education in Moodle & enabled pedagogy;
  • How Moodle can and is being used in unusual, creative and advanced ways throughout the country (and beyond).

Our three day conference this year will also end with a Moodle Party, where you can network and celebrate three full days of learning!

Now, if you have never been to a MoodleMoot UK & Ireland before and want to know what you can expect out of attending one of our Moots, then you’d want to read our interview with Lewis Carr.

Lewis is a long time and passionate Moodler, with a diverse career as an e-Learning manager and professional web developer across some of UK’s largest higher education institutions.


Lewis is also a regular at our Moots, having attended nine MootIEUK so far. So let’s see what Lewis has to say about MoodleMoot UK & Ireland.

Moodle HQ:
Thanks Lewis for taking the time to chat to us. Can you tell us your first MoodleMoot experience and what attracted you to attend initially?

My first Moot was back in 2009 held at Loughborough University. I was working as a VLE Manager at a Further Education College. It was a road trip for my team and I, we were excited to get out of the office as we didn’t get out much.

I didn’t know what to expect at the time, we were there looking for ideas to take our Moodle site further. The number of delegates was smaller back then, we all fit into one classroom and I met Martin Dougiamas for the first time. I got to meet so many like-minded people and remember coming back to work feeling so enthused that we spent the next several months hacking every bit of code we could to make our Moodle site even better. From then on, I was hooked.

Moodle HQ:
Since that initial attendance we have seen you at other Moots – what are the highlights that entice you to keep coming back to our Moots?

The social element for me is one of the most important parts of a Moot. These days it’s all too easy to do things virtually, but you can’t beat meeting a Twitter contact you’ve known for years in the flesh. You can watch presentations on YouTube, you can chat in forums, Skype and on Slack, but nothing will ever beat having a beer (or two) with fellow Moodlers, discussing ideas, sharing problems and putting the world to rights, oh and the presentations and workshops are great too.

Moodle HQ:
What are the things you look forward to most?

I look forward to seeing the keynotes, especially when they feature the Moodle roadmap.

I also look forward to what madness Gavin Henrick has in store for us, he’s had us all singing at Moots in the past. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing more about Moodle mobile, and hopefully seeing what others are doing with the app.
I also enjoy catching up with Moot veterans, and meeting new attendees.

Moodle HQ:
As an attendee, what do you think you get most out of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland?

I love hearing stories. I enjoy listening to others talk about their Moodle experiences and it’s great when I get to see what others are doing with Moodle. Although I’m an old hat at Moodle, it’s great to still see so much innovation and enthusiasm.

As a designer, I love to see themes and UX elements, anything that inspires me. Whether it’s a dashboard, a menu or a pretty course, I’ll soak it up.

Moodle HQ:
And from the perspective of someone who is presenting, what are the benefits of sharing your Moodle stories, projects and ideas?

I’ve presented at several Moots, and I love to share my ideas. What’s great about presenting is that you get to speak to even more people afterwards. And if your talk inspires anyone to push their Moodle site further then it’s a great feeling. People open up to you more afterwards, as they realise that even Moodle experts get it wrong and wrestle with all sorts of challenges.

Moodle HQ:
Lastly, if you have a colleague or a peer wanting to attend the Moot but is slightly unsure on what professional and/or personal benefits they will get out of it, what would you say to them?

It’s worth the expense! I know lots of people who want to attend Moots, but often the cost is prohibiting, especially for schools and small Further Education colleges. But it’s a solid 3 days of CPD and worth every penny.

It’s about convincing your employer that the workshops, break out sessions and keynotes and crammed so full of useful information that it would take you months to get this type of information solely online.

If anyone is unsure about attending, then just read the twitter backchannels. I guarantee that attending a Moot is a great investment for anyone working with Moodle.

Thank you Lewis for taking the time to chat to us! We really appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you and our many Moodle community members at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018.

If you would like more information or be involved in this upcoming Moot, here are some important quick links:

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