Join longtime, knowledgeable & passionate Moodlers at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018

Moodlers in UK & Ireland, have you circled 26 – 28 March 2018 in your calendars yet?

We hope so as it will be the first Moodle HQ hosted for the new year and we are excited to bring to you MoodleMoot UK & Ireland at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Three full days of Moodle presentations (focussing on Moodle development, uses, GDPR and enabled pedagogy) workshops and masterclasses, keynote addresses and a Moodle Party awaits in the beautiful city of Glasgow.

We are looking forward to bring together longtime, knowledgeable and passionate Moodlers at one of our most popular Moot destinations.

One such Moodler is Rebecca Barrington, Head of e-Learning and Innovation at The Cornwall College Group, who has attended at least 5 MoodleMoots to date!

We talked to Rebecca recently to give you an idea of what a MoodleMoot UK & Ireland is like and why, if you are a passionate new or long time Moodler, you should also consider attending this year.


Moodle HQ:
Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Rebecca. You’re a regular at our MoodleMoot in UK/Ireland.

What is it about the Moots that makes you come back again and again?

The amount of knowledge and passion about Moodle and eLearning is something that you just can’t experience anywhere else!  There is such a range of expertise at these events and you learn so much from the workshops and sessions as well as from chatting to other Moodlers.  You are so immersed in it all during the Moot that you leave with even more passion for Moodle and I rarely leave without lots of new things to implement. The networking also gives you colleagues to work with after the event. I have good Moodle friends and colleagues as a direct result of the Moot!

Moodle HQ:
As you walk in through the doors for a MoodleMoot UK & Ireland, can you summarise, from your eyes or perspective, what participants can experience for three days of a Moot?

There are two main parts to the MoodleMoot.  The planned activities and the bits in between! Both are equally valuable.  It is quite informal and, because you all have a shared interest, starting conversations is easy!  As you work through the three days you tend to come across the same people with the same interests and you tend to keep in touch with these throughout the year!

You plan your workshops before you arrive but this can often change once you start to have conversations or hear from inspirational presenters.  There is so much on offer that you can’t always do everything you want. I have put some tips below if you are interested!

  • Decide your key priorities for development and if your chosen workshop clashes to another one of interest then it will help to decide which to go to.  
  • For workshops you are interested in but can’t go to, find the name of the presenter.  Then try and find them at the event to talk to them instead.
  • Also, make sure you are on twitter! Most of my annual twitter activity happens on these days. It gives you even more information – particularly from the sessions you can’t go to.

Moodle HQ:
You have also presented numerous presentations at our MoodleMoots. What motivates you to share your Moodle story, idea or project?

There are two main reasons I have tend to present. One is if we are proud of a project and it is something new to share. The other is to share experience of some of the ‘easy to use’ functions of Moodle that can sometimes get overlooked (or things that others have asked me about in the past).  At events such as this, it is easy to focus on the developments and new things. However, there are often new Moodle users who would find ‘back to basics’ useful and we should also consider how we can improve day to day use as we all have a range of Moodle users in our organisations (not everyone is ready for the all the new flashy things!)

Moodle HQ:
If a colleague or a peer asks you: “Why should I attend a MoodleMoot UK & Ireland?” what would be your advice to them?

You should attend the MoodleMoot if you use or are interested in Moodle.  At one event you not only get to hear about the next steps for Moodle but also get inspired by how it can be used in lots of different ways. Some of the best takeaways I have had from MoodleMoots are simple ideas that can be instantly applied (some of which I have done there and then!)  A new way of doing something can inspire you and your Moodle users.

Moodle HQ:
Lastly, what are you looking forward to for MoodleMoot UK & Ireland in Glasgow from 26 – 28 March this year?

There are so many things!  Topics wise, I am always interested in how organisations are encouraging use of Moodle and engaging their staff / students with it as this is always important.  This year, GDPR is a big thing so that is probably likely to be my main priority to leave with more information about.  I am also really looking forward to meeting up with my Moodle colleagues! We communicate in a virtual world but it is really nice to catch up in person once a year as well as meet some new Moodle colleagues! The best thing about the MoodleMoots are the Moodlers!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Rebecca.

We look forward to seeing you and many of our passionate Moodlers in the UK and Ireland soon!

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