One of the things we like to make sure our Moodlers receive at our MoodleMoot events is exposure to similar or supporting software that will further extend your own Moodle sites.

We have of course, WIRIS, who is attending #MootIEUK18 is showcasing the best in maths and science education software and our Moodle Partners – Catalyst IT, Titus Learning and Moodlerooms – will also be at hand to discuss all the latest edtech innovations for your Moodle.

We’re also pleased to announce URKUND attending #MootIEUK18!

URKUND offers a fully-automated system for handling plagiarism, and we are taking the opportunity to talk to them today to find out more about the software and why you should see them at the Moot.

Moodle HQ: James, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today about URKUND. For those unfamiliar with URKUND’s work, would you be able to please provide a bit of a background?

James: URKUND was started in 1999 and has since become, in some markets at least, synonymous with plagiarism prevention. Our methods of working actually prevent academic dishonesty. As we do not permit students to self-check and then submit for real, they write properly first time. They are more than welcome to see their results, but the teacher will also see them. Should they need to rewrite parts of the essay and resubmit, this is perfectly fine and the system will see that the second draft is indeed a second draft and will analyse it appropriately. We are also, as far as I am aware, the only system that does not sell analyses to ghost-writers or contract cheaters.

Moodle HQ: What can Moodlers expect or look forward to from URKUND’s presence at the upcoming MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018 in Glasgow?

James: Friendly faces, friendly conversations and a solid demo. The proof is in the pudding, so being able to show exactly how we work in Moodle tends to be what people want to see. Plus, Glasgow is a great city and a personal favourite, so we shall be chirpier than usual.

Moodle HQ: What has been one of the best and memorable Moodle projects that URKUND has worked on and supported?

James: I have to choose two. The building of a script for Dublin City University that extracts documents from their different Moodle instances so that they can be made available to us for indexing; this makes the results we provide DCU better but also potentially improves the results for all of our clients as our database is that much bigger. The second is some work we are doing at the moment on behalf of Murdoch University that adds more functionality to the plugin and, also, a few changes to our system. Of course, we have our plugins built (by Catalyst), tested and released for each Moodle release so we are always ahead of the curve. Sorry…you asked for one and I gave three. But that is URKUND – you get three times the service!

Moodle HQ: How can Moodlers stay in touch with news from URKUND or find out more about your company?

James: Our Twitter @URKUND is a good one to follow as we only tweet about interesting stuff. For more information, we have our website but the absolute best way to find out more is to talk to us! We are happy to answer questions at the Moot. Alternatively, I can be reached at or the sales team can be reached via