As you may already know, for the first time ever, Moodle HQ is hosting MoodleMoot India in 2017,

From 18 – 19 December 2017, Moodlers and members of the edtech community will gather in Mumbai at the Sahara Star Hotel to share ideas, learn new skills from experts and meet their peers.

We speak to Moodle user and member of the MoodleMoot India 2017 Event Committee, Farhan Karmali, about the benefits of attending the Moot.

Moodle HQ: Thank you Farhan for taking the time to talk to us today in regards to MoodleMoot India 2017.

Can we start with a little bit of information about your role as Moodler in the community in India?

Farhan: Hi, thanks for having me here, it’s my pleasure. I have been part of the Moodle community since over 6 years now. The community forums in Moodle are extremely helpful and active , I got involved by asking questions gradually moved on to trying to help other people by answering questions now I have been awarded the particularly helpful Moodler badge for that.

I have also contributed a plugin and help testing new Moodle versions. I am part of the Moodle developer community as well. In India , I have been spreading awareness about Moodle to those in the elearning field, helping them implement Moodle successfully, this involves, installation, setup, upgrade, customization as per their requirements, or troubleshooting issues they face when they use Moodle. I have been helping companies, individuals on how they can effectively use Moodle. I also help corporates, universities, colleges and academies about the benefits of moving to Moodle and the open source philosophy. I have worked on a number of projects involving Moodle in India across various industries. I keep myself updated with the latest Moodle features, changes.

I love Moodle mainly because of the excellent community support and the ever increasing list of features that comes along with each new release. I have been a strong advocate for Moodle and keep recommending that to educational institutions, corporates for staff training, because I would like others to take advantage of this application.

Moodle HQ: You were part of the committee member for organising the first ever MoodleMoot India 2016 and now you are also helping to organise the 2017 Moot together with Moodle HQ.

Why do you think Moodlers in India should come along to the conference?

What will they gain from it?

Farhan: It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of the event committee for the MoodleMoots. The Moodle community in India has been growing steadily and an increasing number of companies, universities are now adopting Moodle as their learning management system. This presents a tremendous opportunity for improvement to existing systems. I have previously attended the international Moodle moots online but attending the actual Moot gives a completely new perspective.

I was also given the opportunity to present at the moot last year to share my experiences in Moodle. Based on that I got a lot of useful advise and inputs that benefitted me.

The following are the reasons why a Moodler should attend the Moot

  1. The MoodleMoot which is an annual conference of Moodle is an excellent opportunity to connect with other Moodlers
  2. The presentations at the MoodleMoot are inspiring where others share their experiences , views and we definitely benefit a lot from that.
  3. This year’s moot has been spread across two days and has a lot of presentations , many from the people at Moodle HQ . There has always been a good mix of presentations so that it’s not just for developers, administrators nor only for teachers , but there is something for everyone. Anyone using Moodle , in any way will benefit.
  4. At such an event you get to discuss and present the region specific issues or challenges we face and get advice on how we can overcome them. At the same time you also make the Moodle HQ aware of our voices. We also get to know the Moodle HQ’s future plans and how it impacts us.
  5. Moodle is powered by the community and a Moot is the perfect event to witness this and to engage with that community by taking advantage of what it has to offer

Moodle HQ: For those who are new to Moodle, or perhaps interested in a powerful learning platform that is cost effective but unfamiliar with Moodle, what can they achieve from attending MoodleMoot India 2017?

Farhan: The ed-Tech sector in India is blooming especially with the digital India campaign. Education is the need of the hour for India and Moodle is the perfect solution to empower educators to reach a wider audience so maximum number of students can benefit and gain access to quality education. Moodle is open-source and thus presents a perfect cost effective solution to address the digital needs of educational institutes, it is also constantly evolving and keeps getting new features.

Since Moodle is so vast and has so many features. It can be intimidating at times if one does not get the proper introduction or guidance. The Moot would be a perfect place where people can connect with experts in Moodle, get a proper understanding about Moodle and thus can take an informed decision. They can compare their current LMS againsts the feature set and flexibility of Moodle. And can even help give ideas to Moodle about features they use or they would like to have.

The topics in the moot though they revolve around Moodle , but they also focus on EdTech/e-learning in general so they would benefit even those who do not currently use Moodle but are in the e-learning field.

Moodle HQ: Lastly, what do you recommend are the best ways to get involved in MoodleMoot India 2017?

Farhan: There are couple of ways you can be involved in MoodleMoot India 2017.

  1. Register as delegate and benefit from the numerous presentations spread across two days. Network with those in the e-learning / education field and take maximum benefit of the community.
  2. Present something and share your experiences about Moodle and some innovation you have incorporated or used in Moodle.
  3. Spread the word around so others may benefit from this excellent event.
  4. Help us with your suggestions on how we can improve the Moot.