Would you like to be part of the first MoodleMoot India, hosted by Moodle HQ?

We speak to Moodle user, Meenakshi Choudharry, to find out how anyone can get involved in the moot and the benefits of doing so.

Moodle HQ: Thank you Meenakshi for spending time with us to talk about MoodleMoot India 2017.

Can you briefly let us know how you are involved in Moodle and the community in India?

Meenakshi: I got introduced to Moodle two years back when I started working with a Moodle Partner. To enhance my knowledge about Moodle I participated in Learn Moodle MOOC and soon I got opportunity to contribute in conducting first ever MoodleMoot in India. I took the responsibility to search appropriate venue and arrange for stage logo, badges, photographer etc. and shared the company presentation.

Moodle HQ: MoodleMoot India 2017 will be held from 18 – 19 December in Mumbai. For those who are familiar with Moodle and would like to be a part of the Moot, what can they do to get involved?

Meenakshi: Moodle is very vast, so those who are familiar with it can share their knowledge, experience and guide the people new to Moodle. They can also share their requirements and suggestions with Moodle HQ team.

Moodle HQ: In your opinion, what are the benefits of getting involved in MoodleMoot India 2017, as a sponsor, participant or a presenter?

Meenakshi: MoodleMoot can be beneficial to everyone be it individual trainers, small training institutes or big educational organisation. It helps in networking with likeminded people and interact with community. Moots help presenter and participants to gain knowledge about new developments in and around Moodle. They can also showcase their products and services at this esteem platform. Sponsors on the other hand get to directly connect with the influential people and build brand awareness.

MoodleMoots are especially beneficial for people planning their career with Moodle. They get to know about current trend and future expectations which can help them design their career path.

Moodle HQ: We would love to spread the word about MoodleMoot India amongst the vibrant community in India – how can Moodlers play a part in helping us to get information out about the Moot?

Meenakshi: The Moodlers can help in promoting about the same in several social groups and forums. They can use their networks and links to spread the word around.