One of Moodle HQ’S goals when we organise a MoodleMoot is to give Moodlers the chance to exchange experiences and learn how to make the most of our Open Source LMS from other members of the community, as well as get in touch with companies or services that can help extend their Moodle sites to meet all their teaching or training needs.

Vidya Mantra is one of our Certified Moodle Partners in India and also a Gold Sponsor at MoodleMoot India in Hyderabad. We have talked to them about what Moodlers will be seeing from them at the Moot.

Moodle HQ: Let’s start with a summary of what Vidya Mantra is, and what services Moodlers can access from Vidya Mantra to enhance or extend their Moodle sites.

Vidya Mantra: Vidya Mantra is a Complete EdTech Company that has been serving the e-learning industry since 2008. Vidya Mantra is known to provide its superlative services through some of its major brands such as KeyToSchool and Congrea.

KeyToSchool – KTS offers Moodle hosting services globally, along with hosting it also provide customisations, support, training, consulting, mobile app designing and other related services to its Moodle users.

Congrea – An online virtual classroom environment which comes with dynamic teaching tools to provide anywhere anytime e-learning experience. Congrea is readily available as a Moodle plugin and can be used as an activity on the same.

Moodle HQ: What will Vidya Mantra be presenting at MoodleMoot India 2018? What topics or tracks can we look forward to?

Vidya Mantra: Vidya Mantra is excited to provide a workshop which will help the audience to get a knowledge on how to achieve perfect Moodle installation also there will be a short presentation which will aid the audience in enhancing their Moodle experience. In addition, the company will also provide a session on their roadmap and future vision as a proud Moodle partner.

Moodle HQ: What can attendees expect from visiting the Vidya Mantra stand at MoodleMoot India 2018?

Vidya Mantra: Vidya Mantra’s stand will have the best executives to enlighten the visitors on below mentioned topics,

  • Vidya Mantra’s Moodle related services
  • Congrea: An online virtual classroom environment
  • FAQs related to Moodle (e.g., its installation)

Moodle HQ: Lastly, how can someone keep in touch with information and updates from Vidya Mantra?

Vidya Mantra: If they are keen to share their email address, Vidya Mantra will make sure to keep them updated with its updated information. Moreover, the visitors will be provided with relevant documents which will contain all the sources to gather updates and information about Vidya Mantra.


Do not miss Vidya Mantra at MoodleMoot India in Hyderabad – November 29 and 30. 
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