There is only one week left until MoodleMoot India 2018 starts in Hyderabad and brings the India Moodle Community and Moodle HQ together. Our Moodle Partners and supporters, like our #MootIN18 gold sponsor Ballistic Learning, are an important part of the community and will be at the Moot to share their ideas and creative solutions around our LMS.

We’re happy to be chatting with Ballistic Learning this week about what they have planned for MoodleMoot India.

Moodle HQ: Let’s start with a summary of what is Ballistic Learning, and what services can Moodlers access from Ballistic Learning to enhance or extend their Moodle sites?

Ballistic Learning: Ballistic Learning is a leading services provider in the business of technology-enabled learning solutions. One of India’s oldest Moodle Partners (since 2006), Ballistic Learning has established itself as a trusted consultant, innovator, developer and implementation specialist in e-learning enablement. Ballistic Learning’s clientele covers several industry domains, across geographies. Our core services include, among others,

– LMS Implementation

– Managed LMS Services

– Course Portals Deployment

– eLearning Ecosystems Deployment

– Enterprise Integration

– High Availability Hosting

– Content Authoring & Conversion

– Consulting & Training

Since 2006, we have been successfully customising Moodle for clients across domains, delivering bespoke solutions, and consulting with them on best practices. Our USP is that we customise Moodle to align precisely with client requirements. And, it is this experience and expertise, developed over a decade and a half, that Moodlers will most benefit from when they visit us at the Moot. Our enterprise-grade experience ensures secure and scalable deployment, as well as development of virtually any kind of functionality. Our Moodle clientele includes Fortune 500 companies and reputed institutions across the globe.

Moodle HQ: What can attendees expect from visiting the Ballistic Learning stand at MoodleMoot India 2018? 

Ballistic Learning: We will show how versatile Moodle is, and how elegantly it can be customised for different needs.

Moodle HQ: Lastly, how can someone keep in touch with information and updates from Ballistic Learning? 

Ballistic Learning: Our website would be our first point of communication. For direct enquiries, we can be reached at