We are pleased to announce that MoodleMoot India 2018 will take place in Hyderabad, 29 – 30 November.

True to our mission of empowering educators, the two day edtech event will focus on learning, collaborating and sharing information on key topics associated with our learning platform.

MoodleMoot India 2018 is set to be one of our most inspiring conferences to date! Get ready for presentations, keynotes, workshops and of course our legendary Moodle Party.

Hosted by our team at Moodle HQ, the event will be attended by members of our global community (India alone has approximately 2 million users), Moodle Partners and industry leaders in edtech.

MoodleMoot India attendees will also have the opportunity to meet Moodle’s Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas. Speaking about the event, Martin commented “I’m looking forward to joining in with all our friends in India, both new and old, to discuss how Moodle can be used to give true empowerment to educators in India, and to learn what you want Moodle to be in future. Join us at the Hyderabad Moodle party!”

Not just limited to Moodle users, MoodleMoot India will also educate attendees interested in open-source technology and powerful e-learning solutions. Attendees also have the opportunity to share their Moodle stories and receive expert feedback at MoodleMoot India 2018. Submit your presentation proposals today.

Early bird admission for MoodleMoot India 2018 is available for a limited time only. Tickets can be bought from our official website: moodlemoot.org/mootin18/

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