As you may already know MoodleMoots are global events which are held around the world.

Hosted by Moodle HQ, Moodle Partners and the Moodle community, MoodleMoots give our global community the opportunity to recharge their practice, discover state of the art in online learning and meet their peers.

Today we speak to Cosmin Herman, about the upcoming MoodleMoot Romania 2018.

Moodle HQ: Thanks Cosmin for taking the time to chat to us. Would you be able to please give us a bit of background on how the Moodle community in Romania started and how the first Moots were organised in the country?

Cosmin Herman: 2010 was the first year when the Romanian Moodle community decided to come together in a Moot event and the beginning of our support activities for the project in Romania. Together with „Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad, between 2010 and 2012 we organised our MoodleMoots in a very special location, at a castle located on the edge of a botanical garden, at Macea.

For every Moot event we have create a special page for information, registration, learning and practice, where participants to workshops and to our training programms could join together.

Our website, social media pages and the EDU Network community (, the former represents focal points for knowledge sharing and practice exchange amoungs Moodle users and administrators.

Since 2013 the MoodleMoot events took place in cities with large universities, some of which also participated in the organization of the events. This helped promoting Moodle to academic staff as well as K12 education.

Some of this locations are: Brașov (2013 in collaboration with Transilvania University), Cluj Napoca (2014 in collaboration with Babeș-Bolyai University), Constanța (2013 in collaboration with Ovidius University), Timișoara (2013 in collaboration with West University of Timișoara) and Bucharest (2013 in collaboration with the Teachers’ Training Inspectorate). In 2018 we will be at Alba Iulia in “1 Decembrie 1918” University.

An important turning point in the unfolding of the events was the MoodleMoot Romania 2015. Starting with this event we changed the traditional lecture presentations format of the event into workshops where participants were required to be engaged and solve practical problems, meaning they were actually using Moodle at the events.

This was an important decision because we realized people needed some encouragement to actually use the platform and we were decided to show them that they can gain some of the skills by actively participating in the workshops.

Of course, we kept the key presentations in the traditional format. We are happy that for some of the events we had special guests, such as Gavin Henrick, Stuart Mealor and Rishi Kapoor. Last year we were happy to have Martin with us, even though via Internet.

Moodle HQ: You said earlier about EDU Network community. Can you tell us a bit more?

Cosmin Herman: The EDU Network is my personal project, dedicated to schools and high-schools all over Romania and Republic of Moldova. We offer them private and public spaces for them to use for educational purposes with their students. We have simplified the Moodle platform, to fit their requirments, without having to invest in trainings, and created facilities to share and communicate between students, schools, teachers and parents.

First it was, where teachers needing a Moodle platform for their projects, received the basic version for them to use in non-commercial purposes. Afterwords we decided to reunite them under the same roof, in a portal.

Now, at we have more than 700 schools, with 10.000 students and 30.000 active courses.

EDU Network was a major contributor to the growth of Moodle community in Romania and to an enhanced participation at the following Moots.

Moodle HQ: What are some of the main objectives that you would like participants from MoodleMoot Romania to gain, either by attending or presenting at the conference?

Cosmin Herman: The main objective would be to promote Moodle at a larger audience. Each year we have new participants that didn’t knew about Moodle and are fascinated by what Moodle offers.

Another important objective for us is to help people acquire the necessary skills to use Moodle when they go back to their working environment. This is why now we have the workshops during MoodleMoot events. We also organise training sessions for Teachers or Administrators, in order to offer them a higly valuable experience.

We would also like to facilitate the growth of the Romanian Moodle community, but also the collaboration with the global Moodle community.

Moodle HQ: MoodleMoot Romania 2018 is happening on 27 – 31 August at “1 Decembrie 1918” University, Alba Iulia. Can you let us know what activities, presentations or other exciting things that participants can look forward to?

Cosmin Herman: Our Moots are always special, because they are in summer time, we choose a good environment to learning and relaxation. Our Moots stretches for whole 5 days, which makes our Moots the longest in the Moodle Community.

We are in the process of deciding the specific presentations and workshops. We are going to continue using the formats and the practices that proved to be a success in the previous editions. Thus we will have key presentations, workshops and courses. Some of the workshops will be dedicated to people coming from the business environment, others will approach subjects relevant for both, education and business.

All the participants are required to come with their laptop in order to be able to engage into Moodle, according to the preset of every speaker: learning by doing.

Moodle HQ: Why Alba Iulia?

Cosmin Herman: Great question. You know, this year (2018) Romania is celebrating the centennial of the Great Union, which brought together the key Romanian-inhabited provinces: Bessarabia, Transylvania and the Romanian Kingdom. This is a major Romanian celebration for us because it is the birth of the Romania we know today. Alba Iulia was the city in which the governmental representatives of all provinces got together for the proclamation.

Moodle HQ: How can people who are still interested in MoodleMoot Romania register their spot?

Cosmin Herman: Anyone interested in MoodleMoot Romania can find more information, including the agenda, on our dedicated site: Here they can also register and choose to attend to the courses, presentations and workshops they want to attend.

Depending on the section a participant is interested in, he/she could attend the event (workshops, course or special sections) following these steps: (1) User must create an account, (2) choose the section, (3) provides payment information, (4) is redirected to the payment site, (5) the payment is processed, (6) user is redirected to the MootMoot website, (7) is enrolled and has access to the section activities and information.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Cosmin, to find out more about MoodleMoot Romania 2018 visit the website.

You can also join the conversations on our social platforms using #MootRO18