Moodle HQ: Let’s get to know one of our sponsors, IntelliBoard, with CEO and Co-Founder, Anatoliy Kochnev.

Anatoliy, for those unfamiliar with IntelliBoard, can you provide a bit of a background?

Anatoliy: IntelliBoard is the premier reporting and analytics plugin for the Moodle LMS. We’ve expanded the rich data collection of Moodle into easy-to-use reports, widgets and analytics to help inform educational business decisions. Institutions worldwide use IntelliBoard to track at-risk learners, engagement, compliance training – anything that you’d use Moodle for. We started in 2015, and now have partners in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Romania, Russia, USA, and the United Kingdom. As of today, we have over 1600 Moodle sites connected to IntelliBoard and serve over 10.4MM learners.

Moodle HQ: What can Moodlers expect or look forward to from your upcoming presentation at MootUS17 – Florida?

Anatoliy: We are excited to be sponsoring the Moot this year. My team has been working to develop an engaging presentation – and have awesome giveaways! Most importantly, IntelliBoard is here to help solve challenges within education – and we want to share how that can be done. We’re also planning a cool preview of the exciting stuff launching in 2018!

Moodle HQ: How can Moodlers find out more about IntelliBoard and stay up to date with news, new features of IntelliBoard?

Anatoliy: Email, Call, Skype. But definitely check out our demo site at We created this as a real-time data site to view reports in action, and for users to play with IntelliBoard. Creating an account with us at lets us send you our updates on the platform, too. IntelliBoard hosts periodic webinars, and our Client Services team is A+. We have a dedicated staff committed to the success of our clients. Call us at 1.866.89REPORTS (1.866.897.3767) or email at