Based in Baltimore, our Moodle Partner eThink Education is a high-touch, high quality eLearning provider.

They provide a fully-managed eLearning solution including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services for Moodle.

eThink Education will join us at MoodleMoot US 17 – Florida as a sponsor. We speak with eThink Education CEO, Brian Carlson, to find out more.

Moodle HQ: Brian, for those unfamiliar with eThink’s work and services as a Certified Moodle Partner can you provide a bit of a background about eThink?

Yes, of course. eThink Education – now in our 10th year of business – provides a fully-managed eLearning experience for open-source Moodle, including hosting, implementation, management, integration, and consultative services.

eThink specializes in SIS/ERP integrations, offers an extensive catalog of configurable reports, and delivers industry-leading customer support and service, helping our clients to create the custom learning platform needed to meet their specific needs.

Moodle HQ: What can Moodlers expect or look forward to from eThink’s upcoming presentation and presence at MootUS17 – Florida?

Brian: eThink has a handful of informational and interactive sessions planned, with topics focused on competency-based education, theme and course design tips, as well as integration possibilities for an enhanced Moodle experience.

eThink co-founder and COO, Cheryl Patsavos, will be attending the conference as well as myself and leaders from throughout our services team who will all be presenting. We welcome the opportunity to chat about your current Moodle installations or projects, and we’d love to answer any questions about how you might be able to maximize your Moodle experience. Please stop by the eThink booth and say hello!

Moodle HQ: What has been one of the best memorable Moodle projects that eThink has worked with and supported?

Brian: It’s impossible for us to name one project that is our most memorable. However, our team finds that any client project whose program or curriculum has been largely paper-based or has a limited online presence but is making the switch to have it delivered fully-online through Moodle are some of our most-satisfying success stories.

The bigger the before-and-after discrepancy in the increase of users who get access to the content, the amount of reduction in costs of instruction, and the increase in overall engagement are usually our most memorable projects as well as the ones that give us the greatest sense of satisfaction. Our team has done this for universities, colleges, corporations, and nonprofits of all sizes.

Moodle HQ: How can Moodlers stay in touch with news from eThink or find out more about eThink Education?

Brian: To keep up to date with eThink news and happenings, subscribe to the eThink Blog. You’ll receive the Monthly Roundup at the end of every month, containing the month’s top posts, upcoming events and webinars, and more.

To subscribe and/or learn more about eThink Education, visit