Moodle HQ: Let’s get to know one of our sponsors and Moodle Partner in the US, Moonami, with President, John Porten.

John, for those unfamiliar with Moonami’s work and services as a Certified Moodle Partner can you provide a bit of a background?

John: Moonami is a certified Moodle partner and Amazon AWS cloud hosting provider currently serving over 200 clients across industries verticals including Higher Ed, K12, Government, Healthcare, nonprofit, and Corporate Training. We maximize the success of your Moodle deployment with a full range of services including integrations to external systems such as SIS,ERP,CRM, SSO, and eCommerce. Moonami provides migration services, custom Moodle theming, and a tailored onboarding program to ensure you have the very best experience possible with your Moodle deployment.

Moonami’s business model is unique in that we offer a completely open Moodle learning platform backed by a completely open business model. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their mission-critical Moodle LMS is hosted on world-leading AWS cloud infrastructure, governed by a “no questions asked”, “lock-in free” hosting agreement.

Moodle HQ: What can Moodlers expect or look forward to from Moonami’s upcoming presentation and presence at MootUS17 – Florida?

John: We are excited to showcase a number of great Moodle success stories from our clients. We are also excited to show how Moodlers can drive deeper adoption of their system by leveraging Moonami’s technology partners.

Moodle HQ: What has been one of the best and memorable Moodle projects that Moonami has worked with and supported?

John: We were engaged by The United Nations to develop a specialized job applicant screening system using Moodle. Job applicants from nearly 200 countries take a series of assessments on the site, which are then reviewed and scored by HR and department level staff. Several new question types were developed along with several specialized reports and interfaces to facilitate workflow and usability.

Moodle HQ: How can Moodlers stay in touch with news from Moonami or find out more about your services?

John: or by following us on Twitter – @moonamihq.