Moodle HQ: Let’s get to know one of our MoodleMoot US 2018 sponsors and Moodle Partner, eThink Education with their CEO, Brian Carlson. Brian, are you able to give us an overview of eThink Education as Moodle Partner – who you are, what services you provide, what drives you to deliver innovative and quality elearning for every Moodler?

Brian: eThink Education – now in our 11th year of business – provides a fully-managed eLearning experience for open-source Moodle, including hosting, implementation, management, integration, and consultative services.

We began eThink with the goal of providing high-touch, high-quality Moodle support and service – to be the extension of your IT team focused entirely on managing an organization’s Learning Management System. We are driven to making online learning accessible and manageable, while ensuring both administrators and learners are able to make the most out of their learning platforms.

This is why our Services Team goes above and beyond to provide solutions to meet specific client needs. Our team specializes in SIS/ERP integrations, offers an extensive catalog of configurable reports, and delivers tailored customer support and service, helping our clients to create the custom learning platform needed to meet their individual need sets.

Moodle HQ: What can Moodlers attending #MootUS18 in Denver on 29 – 30 October look forward to from you and the expert team from eThink?

Brian: eThink is planning numerous informational and interactive sessions focused on industry trends and ways to “elevate” the Moodle experience. We plan to have a large group from our Services Team join us, who will share their Moodle wisdom and expertise on the Moot stage as well as on the expo floor.

As always, we welcome the opportunity to chat about your current Moodle installations or projects, and we’d love to answer any questions about how you might be able to maximize your Moodle experience. Please stop by the eThink booth and say hello!

Moodle HQ: What are eThink’s main objectives, through your presentations, panel advice, and perhaps workshop leading, for Moodlers attending #MootUS18? What would you like our Moodlers to come away with?

Brian: The Moodle Moots are a great chance to connect, share, and learn together with the Moodle community as well as to help pave a path forward for the Moodle ecosystem.

At this Moot, we want to not only pass along our Moodle expertise and tips and tricks we’ve gathered through our day-to-day in this business, but we want to encourage the Moodle community as a whole to get involved.

The beauty of an open-source product like Moodle is the community and marketplace of ideas that it fosters. We’re excited to be a part of this conversation and we want other Moodlers to come away feeling inspired about the future of the project and eager to share their ideas and feedback.

Moodle HQ:  How can Moodlers stay in touch with news from eThink Education or find out more about your company?

Brian: The best way to keep up-to-date with the latest eThink happenings is to subscribe to our Monthly Roundup, which sends the month’s top blog posts – as well as news on upcoming webinars and conferences – straight to your inbox. You can also find out more about eThink by visiting our website,, as well as following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.