Training takes a special touch and, as virtual training becomes more popular, trainers have to adapt their facilitation style to fit the new platform. Many traditional training strategies and techniques are still relevant to training on a virtual platform, but there are additional steps that you need to take as a facilitator to break down barriers and connect with trainees. Here are some of eThink’s top tips for mastering virtual LMS training.

Preparation is important in every form of training, but it is extremely important when training virtually. One key aspect of preparation is a pre-training meeting with your clients to establish their goals for the training session (or series of training sessions). The client is an integral part of this conversation, not just to discuss content, but to additionally discuss the approach they hope to take and how they feel they will best learn and absorb the information.

After fact-finding with your clients, you can create a custom demonstration that looks and feels familiar to them. No two clients are the same, therefore a custom demonstration is crucial to providing a client with a truly impactful experience. Fact-finding prior to creating the custom demonstration ensures that it fits the needs of the specific client.

Data is also extremely important to many clients, and while preparing reports about the capabilities of the LMS are very helpful and impactful, this process takes time and bandwidth. Preparing reports ahead of time will make the training session run smoother and reduce potential roadblocks or stress associated with attempting to find quality reports on the fly.

Personal Connection
Though it initially might seem obvious, establishing a personal connection is a crucial part of an effective training session. When training virtually, it is important to go the extra mile to build a connection and break down the physical space barrier between you and your trainees.

One quick way to connect on a deeper level with your trainees is to use your video while training. Allowing people to see your face and expressions helps them connect to you. Engaging in introductory personal conversations, just like you would in person, can help establish a relationship that expands beyond training topics. It is also important to maintain your professionalism and dress professionally. Even in a virtual setting, dressing professionally helps set a tone for the training session and maintains your position as a facilitator.

Most importantly, be confident in your capabilities as an instructor. There is no single training session that will not have some kind of hiccup, so it is important to stay calm and trust in your knowledge of the topics.

Bring Your Virtual Training to the Next Level
Learn all of eThink’s tips & tricks on virtual training by attending Let Training Work For You, presented by Vanessa Royce, on September 19th at 3pm at the MoodleMoot US 2019 in Philadelphia.

Vanessa Royce, eThink Education’s Training Coordinator, has built a robust LMS training program at eThink in both an in-person and virtual capacity. With a background in education, Vanessa has a unique perspective on the needs of instructors and Moodle admins and she has been integral in the building of the new eThink Academy, which offers a variety of training offerings including short-form courses, workshops, and training packages to eThink Clients and the general public. eThink Education was one of the first Certified Moodle Partners to offer the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program, and is beginning a new cohort of the MEC on August 19th.

Learn More from eThink at the MoodleMoot US 2019
Additionally, hear from eThink’s other experts that will be in attendance at this year’s Moot. See eThink’s full schedule of presentations below to catch some of their other sessions. Or, visit the eThink Team at Booth 6 to chat all things Moodle!

Day 2 (9/18)
10:30-10:50am – Sponsor Session #1: Title TBD
11:30-11:50am – Creating Your First Web Service Integration From Core APIs (Jesse Safran, Technical Analyst)

Day 3 (9/19)
11:30-1pm – The Building Blocks of a Successful Moodle Site (Todd Mathews, Director of Implementations & Vanessa Royce, Training Coordinator)
2-2:20pm – Extending Moodle Through Integrations (Kristin Kilburn, Systems Integration Administrator)
2:40-3pm – Sponsor Session #2: Title TBD
3-3:20pm – Let Training Work For You (Vanessa Royce, Training Coordinator)

To learn more about eThink Education or schedule a meeting with eThink at the Moot, click here.