MoodleMoots provide a space for edtech enthusiasts and Moodle users to collaborate on how to innovate with our open source LMS and improve the way we teach and train. That includes our Moot sponsors, who can speak to Moodle users about how to enhance their Moodle sites to support their teaching and training projects.

WIRIS is our Silver Sponsor at MoodleMoot US 2019. Wiris offers a suite of math (STEM) tools for Moodle and other LMS platforms; specifically MathType and Wiris Quizzes.

Today we talk to Robert Karmelich, CEO-USA, about what to expect at the Moot.

Moodle HQ: Hi there, thank you for talking to us today. For those who might now know WIRIS, could you tell us a little about your solution and what role it plays in on-line learning with Moodle?

Robert: Yes, of course. MathType is known as the popular equation editor for MS Word, and is available in Moodle. With our leading handwriting recognition software, you can type and hand-write mathematical notations. MathType’s easy user experience will boost teacher’s productivity and streamline workflows that involve mathematical notations. They can include math equations in assignments, questions or communications between users; making the best of it with handwriting recognition in touch screens. This way, teachers and students can smooth the learning curve of math tools with a unified experience.

Besides, instructors can save time grading exams and eliminate the potential for cheating using Wiris Quizzes. Wiris Quizzes is also available in Moodle and offers computer-based grading of math and science questions. We want to enhance your Moodle with mathematical features that make it easier for the quiz creator and the quiz taker.

Moodle HQ: What will WIRIS be presenting in their sessions at MoodleMoot US in September?

Robert: We will be showing a demonstration of Wiris Quizzes inside Moodle. It will give everyone the ability to see our tool live inside the LMS. For those that already use our tools, this will be a nice refresher. And for those that are new to Wiris Quizzes in Moodle, it will give them great insight on the benefits of our assessment tool.

Moodle HQ: What can delegates expect from visiting WIRIS’ stand in the Moot?

Robert: Time to chat with me one on one and to see any new updates that WIRIS has available. You can dig a little deeper into our demo environment inside Moodle as well.

Moodle HQ: WIRIS has sponsored many Moots in the past, and are sponsoring more ​this year too. What is your favourite thing about sponsoring MoodleMoots?

Robert: It is a great way for us to engage with our current customer base and prospects alike face to face. The MoodleMoot community has always embraced its partners and we appreciate being a part of it. Also, you can’t forget the Moodle Party!

Moodle HQ: And finally, how can delegates keep updated with WIRIS’ latest news or contact you before the Moot?    

Robert: Delegates can feel free to reach out to me directly at I would be more than happy to set specific meeting times as well! They can always find information about Wiris and our suite of tools at See you in September in Philadelphia!