MoodleMoots provide a space for edtech enthusiasts and Moodle users to collaborate on how to innovate with our open source LMS and improve the way we teach and train. That includes our Moot sponsors, who can speak to Moodle users about how to enhance their Moodle sites to support their teaching and training projects.

Amanote is our Silver Sponsor at MoodleMoot US 2019. Amanote is a note-taking app that allows to take notes on course support, share them and improve productivity. Using Amanote saves time, and improves effectiveness and gives better results.

Today we talk to Antonello Di Muro, International Business Developer, about what to expect at the Moot.

Moodle HQ: Hi there, thank you for talking to us today. For those who might not know Amanote, could you tell us a little about your solution and what role it plays in on-line learning?

Amanote, Antonello: Amanote is a modern note-taking app that allows students to take clear, structured, and comprehensive notes and to link them with their course materials (slides or syllabuses). With Amanote, students are more productive and therefore achieve better results. It has been built by a Belgian student based on real needs.
In addition to note-taking, Amanote comes with several features useful to improve the quality of the learning process: it enhances the communication between the students and their teachers. Whether during the lesson or at home, students can notify their teacher if they don’t understand something in the course material. The teacher can then see which parts of his course are the least understood and improve them quickly.
Another great feature is the possibility for the teacher to add narration to their course material. This can be used to record entire lessons or just to add additional explanations when the students don’t understand something. It can be used to easily create MOOCs/SPOCs (no video editing required).
And the best part is that everything is integrated with Moodle.

Moodle HQ: What can delegates expect from visiting Amanote’s stand in the Moot?

Amanote, Antonello: We will be happy to discuss your existing learning process and see how Amanote can meet your needs and/or improve the learning process already in place.

Moodle HQ: And finally, how can delegates keep updated with Amanote’s latest news or contact you before the Moot?

Amanote, Antonello: We are present on Linkedin and Facebook, our website is always evolving with our new features and improvements and of course our email is always there to answer to all your questions.