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Day 2 Presentation

Improving Moodle through UX research and data analysis

UCL Moodle is one of the biggest Moodle installations in Europe. It provides an essential arena for the teaching and learning of UCL’s 51,000 students and 16,000 staff. It is also an incredibly complex Moodle that combines third party cloud infrastructure, third party development, around 200 plugins some local and some from the community, and internal Agile based development.

In order to upgrade from Moodle 3.11 to Moodle 4.2 in 2023, the central Moodle team engaged in a process of UX and data led discovery and analysis to re-design its landing page, dashboard, and identify areas for future course format and plugin development. Many of the results were surprising and revealed the importance of continually engaging with end users when trying to evaluate and roadmap Moodle development.

This presentation will outline the methods of UX and data analysis used at UCL and the results. It will further show how these methods can be adapted at other institutions looking to improve their Moodle.

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