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Day 2 Presentation

The Ovante case: Moodle Workplace to change the world

With the goal of building a financially inclusive world with access to economic opportunities for all, Acción set out to work with micro-entrepreneurs in Latin America and India. How to promote the digital development of a predominantly analogue sector? How to facilitate access to financial services that allow one of the most vulnerable sectors of the economy to grow?

With these premises, the Ovante project was born, a platform designed to develop financial, commercial and digital skills in micro-entrepreneurs. Its participants, mostly women, have free access to ten programs that provide concrete tools to improve their business. Ovante is also a bridge that connects female entrepreneurs with financial services that will allow them to build a more secure future. Through the implementation of Moodle Workplace, the development of gamification tools and techniques and the creation of customised content, Entornos collaborated with Accion to create a platform tailored to the needs, ready to contribute to financial inclusion, an element that facilitates the achievement of 7 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this presentation, we want to share what we did to transform Moodle Workplace into a tool that can change the reality of thousands of micro-enterprises.

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