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Day 2 Presentation

Good (almost) offline learning strategies with Moodle

When we talk about digital learning, we think of online web-based platforms and online content delivery. This is true for many cases, but many learners, online is not the perfect option, because of instabilities of access, power or economic limitations.

But yet, digital learning is possible even under these circumstances by providing creative ways of delivery and especially with Moodle.

In this presentation, we will walk through the different aspects of good (almost) offline learning and experiences and analyse the following aspects:

  • Instructional design: What to consider, when delivering digital courses with limited connectivity.
  • Content: What to consider, when creating content for offline learning.
  • Technology: How to make good use of the bandwith you have. Offline delivery technologies like Moodle App or using offline server solutions (eg. RaspberryPi).
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