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Day 2 Presentation

Moodle Asset Archiving: Stale Content and How to Manage a Growing Moodle Footprint

This presentation will delve into the experiences and ongoing discussions that Catalyst are having with our global Enterprise Moodle customers around their Big Moodles. There are a lot of Moodles out there whose digital footprint is growing every year. Lots of data, lots of learning content.

And some spring cleaning or retention policy needs to be applied. Or just cleaning out the stale content. But how?

There are technology implications and considerations to data archiving, but in many ways this is a lifecycle management, change management and governance problem.

Catalyst will explore some of the following:

  • our concrete experiences with both good and bad Moodle digital asset archiving approaches.
  • advice on how to organisationally define what archiving is and what it’s achieving.
  • our learnings from consultation with big University Moodle instances.
  • some potential tips and tricks that might make the task more manageable.

This talk is based on our experience with large University Moodle instances, but the principles and experiences that we explore will be relevant to any Moodle administrator who has responsibility for a growing Moodle instance.

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