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Day 2 Presentation

Learning packages in vocational training – a centralized approach to course content development

How are Moodle courses for brick masons, nurses, mechanics and carpenters made? We will show you!

As Denmarks largest vocational school with 6600 students each year, we aim to build strong core competencies and ensure a high level of quality in both factual knowledge and e-learning didactics in our Moodle courses. For this we have a dedicated department that develops course content.

We develop content in cooperation between vocational teachers and e-didactic consultants. Teachers are the ones with the factual knowledge and experience, and our consultants bring a wide array of knowledge about e-didactics. As they work together, the consultants help the teachers create a structure, visual aids, student focused learning activities, adherence to core competencies, interaction and student produced materials all within the competence framework set by our government

This approach keeps teachers being teachers, guiding the students on their learning journey, focusing on their core task of transmitting their knowledge to students, while we also guarantee a consistent quality in our Moodle courses, across educations, different physical locations and local cultural differences.

We want to show the setup within the organisation, explain the benefits and results of this type of approach to developing Moodle-courses and inspire others to work together on course development. What sort of impact does it have on teaching and the teacher role when course content creation is no longer the sole responsibility of the teacher, but rather cooperation between e-didactic specialists and the teacher.

The foundation for this type of approach, rests on the experience and proficiency of the Moodle-specialist and Moodle Partner, anchored in the organisation. The foundation is made of a strong and ever developing knowledge of Moodle and the many ways in which to mould Moodle to our use. It requires a clear and constant development of Moodle skills between our administrator and our content department.

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