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Day 3 Presentation

Questions and image generation using AI for teachers

AI is a new technology that has emerged recently. AI tools may allow us to use images created by image creation engines directly by creation sites or by plugins that facilitate the task. As an author of one of these plugins (, I would like to explain and show how it works, how you can easily and efficiently add such images to courses and what is the future of this plugin.

Additionally, I’ll show how to use ChatGPT to automatically create multiple-choice questions from given text, almost automatically adding those questions to the course’s question bank. This can be done using the ChatGPT web interface, and also by a plugin which is currently under development which will allow teachers – directly from the system – to produce various questions at different levels, thus enriching the tools for students with minimum effort and maximum results.

Using these methods, teachers will be able to write tests using the usual Moodle tools in such a way that the questions will be varied and diverse.

I plan to demonstrate the usage of these plugins and the support of multiple languages on ChatGPT/Dalle-2 prompts from a teacher view.

I will also review the development side of OpenAI API based plugin for sharing development practices.

These tools are useful for all teachers, in colleges, universities and companies. And there is no need for any skills in AI – everything is implemented as Moodle plugins with easy and simple user interface.