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Day 2 Presentation

Shaping the Future of Moodle Together: The Power of Community & Collaboration

In our growing Moodle digital and physical world, a united community’s strength is key. This short presentation invites delegates to discover and join in the dynamic power of the Moodle community.

We’ll start by discussing the importance of community and the collective power that arises when individuals come together as citizens of Moodle. Each person, each Moodler, has unique strengths that contribute to the whole. We’ll look at the different ways people are already contributing, such as participating in forums, translating language strings and Community Sites, developing plugins, supporting UX research, reviewing plugins, or co-designing courses on Moodle Academy.

We’ll also introduce our Community Ambassadors initiative. These Ambassadors may translate communications, encourage involvement, and connect communities across geographical and language barriers.

Looking ahead, we’ll share plans for upcoming collaborative strategies: a crowdfunding platform, single sign-on across sub-sites, a point-to-reward system, and a possible improved forum model. We’ll also be seeking your ideas to empower all community members.

Join us as we explore the future of Moodle, where every user, as a citizen, has the potential to shape the platform. We look forward to building this future with you, our Moodle community. Our collective strength is what makes Moodle a richer experience for everyone, to shape the future of Moodle, together.

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