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Day 1 Presentation

Offline e-Learning for Primary Schools in Low Resource Settings in Kenya using Moodle

Edutab Africa is an organisation dedicated to leveraging technology to revolutionise education in low-resource areas of Western Kenya. Over the last two years, we have made significant strides in implementing offline e-learning initiatives with primary schools using low-cost computing solutions. Our approach involves setting up low-cost computing devices as offline servers using Moodle. These servers are then loaded with carefully curated gamified learning resources in literacy, numeracy, podcasts, social-emotional learning and integrated PHET Simulations, providing interactive and engaging content for students. To ensure close monitoring of how learners use different learning activities, we explore different analytics capabilities that enabled us to collect usage data and a wish list of desired analytics in this kind of offline setting. Further, we will be sharing successes and challenges using Moodle with low-cost technology in Kenya’s low-resource settings, which will be useful in providing insights to improve eLearning in rural and marginalised settings across Africa at scale.

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