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Day 3 Presentation

What’s the MEC and how do I pass first time? (Field Notes from an MEC Facilitator)

I have been facilitating the Moodle Educator Certification Programme for a few years now and believe it’s a wonderful pathway for those who are already comfortable with Moodle to get to the next level. As a facilitator, I also learn a lot through the creative responses to the assessed tasks, but sometimes my candidates will take a few goes before getting their first submissions right. Therefore I’d like to share my advice to anyone thinking of undertaking the MEC so that they can pass it successfully and effectively first time.

In this session I will cover:

  • The DigCompEdu Framework.
    The 6 MEC courses and how they map to the DigCompEdu framework.
    How to approach the assessed tasks so you can pass first time.
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