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Day 1 Workshop

Let’s improve Moodle together

Moodle made a tremendous evolution with Moodle 4. Despite this, there are always ways of improvement and, honestly, the best way to find them is to work as a community, together, to discuss, create work groups with different topics, and see which issues arise and how to align these to the real user needs.UX is a must but there is much more behind it and we would like you to share your experiences, needs, and inquiries with us. Together, users, MUA, partners, Moodle HQ, and any other parties are invited to join us in helping Moodle become a better platform. After the workshops, conclusions will be shared within the session and a report will be provided to assistants and Moodle HQ to analyze further steps, if necessary.
Just join us and we’ll make all the magic! Are you in?