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Day 2 Presentation

Unleashing Moodle’s Potential in a Public Research Centre

Our research center has had a comprehensive training program in place for many years.  We have been dedicated to equipping both our scientific staff and international scientists with the latest techniques used in groundbreaking discoveries. Furthermore, we ensure that all newcomers receive the essential knowledge necessary for the further development of their research careers.

We introduced Moodle in our center in 2018 with the aim to improve our training program.  Our relationship with Moodle has been changing and evolving on many fronts since its implementation.

During our session, I will share the valuable insights gained from our experience with online courses, meetings, and even the recruitment process, providing concrete examples including activities and tools used. We will explore what has proven successful and what has not, taking into account the feedback received from participants. Additionally, I will discuss the invaluable lessons learned, and where we are moving towards implementing future courses effectively.

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