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Day 3 Presentation

eEducation and eduvidual – an Austrian success story

As part of the central strategy of the Federal Ministry of Education to enhance digital competences for teachers and students a network was established 2016 that puts a focus on this idea. It started with 350 schools and has now elevated to a count of almost 4000 schools. More than 78% of teachers in Austria work in schools that are part of this network. The networks’ name is eEducation.

eEducation supports schools with further teacher education. A special focus is set on developing digital competences of teachers and school development.

To enrich the way technology is used in classroom settings with various pedagogical principles platforms have been combined not only with Single-SignOn principles but also with deeper integrations between existing systems that focus on digital learning.  The central Moodle platform for all schools nationwide in Austria is called and has a well established community. Within the eEducation network schools that have become part are also provided by automatically scripted accounts to – with autogenerated courses for easy onboarding. Webapps based on decoupled principles are use by teachers and students for tasks like portfolio work – all data is stored in Moodle.

Current developments and aspects of this grown concept will be part of this presentation.


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