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Day 2 Presentation

Digital Learning as a Driver for Social and Economic Transformation: Tackling the skills gap with atingi

The presentation aims to showcase the power of digital learning using Moodle as an enabler for an inclusive digital transformation across the world. This session will highlight the numerous benefits of utilizing atingi, an innovative learning solution, that uses the potential of digital technologies to provide marginalised groups in partner countries of German development cooperation with equitable access to future-oriented, inclusive, high-quality learning content.

The presentation will both highlight how we are using a digital learning solution to reach underserved learners, and to offer a simple-to-use service to GIZ projects across the globe implementing cooperation development. These projects enable them to deliver high-quality educational content to their learners, fostering a more inclusive and equitable learning environment. By integrating an open-source dashboard solution to Moodle, we also provide them with data on their learners, enabling positive feedback loops.

Building on Moodle, atingi allows for an interactive learning process. This means that learners can actively engage with the content through exercises, quizzes, and simulations, promoting a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. By incorporating interactivity into digital learning experiences, atingi facilitates learner engagement and participation, creating a more dynamic and immersive learning journey.

Our partners’ stories from across the globe give important insights into the benefits of utilising Moodle as a solution for atingi, but also highlight some of the challenges. The use-cases presented will offer a critical review of the potential of digital learning and the challenges of overcoming the digital divide across the globe.

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