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Day 2 Poster

Levelling the Playing Field: Creating Assessments with Text-to-Speech Technology in Moodle

This presentation will explore the transformative potential of Text-to-Speech (TTS) assistive technology for assessments within the Moodle learning management system. Leveraging this technology can level the educational playing field for all students, enabling the instant creation of audio versions of exams, tests, quizzes, and assignments. By integrating ReadSpeaker’s TTS tool within Moodle, we can enhance the learning experience and support learners who require accommodations, empowering them to succeed in their evaluations.

The TTS technology not only improves comprehension of instructions and exam questions but also frees up time for educators to focus on monitoring and evaluating learning. Moreover, it serves as an effective study tool, improving learning outcomes for all students. This transformative tool can be especially advantageous for remote and online testing, ensuring a consistent text-to-speech testing experience across multiple platforms.

The presentation will also address the impact of TTS on resource management, highlighting the potential to eliminate the sourcing, planning, and budget constraints associated with human readers and individual education programs. The integration of TTS in Moodle helps meet the accessibility and accommodation requirements of regulations like ADA, IDEA, and JCQ, fostering an inclusive learning environment.

We will delve into the customisable features of TTS technology, including the ‘Most Accurate TTS Voices’, reduced network traffic during peak assessment periods, and fine-tuned pronunciation with a customisable dictionary. By harnessing the power of TTS, we can revolutionise assessments and learning experiences in Moodle. This session will feature practical examples and success stories from institutions that have already integrated TTS into their Moodle platform.

Join us to learn more about this game-changing assistive technology and see how you can leverage it to enhance accessibility and autonomy in your Moodle-based assessments.

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