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Day 3 Presentation

AI-Driven Learning Revolution: Wooclap’s automatization of flashcards and MCQ

We are excited to present at the Moodle Moot 2023 in Barcelona, where we will discuss the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on education and the workplace. Our talk, “AI-Driven Learning Revolution: Wooclap’s automatization of flashcards and MCQ”, will focus on Wooclap’s innovative product, Quiz Wizard, which leverages AI to generate flashcards and quizzes based on your course material!

Fully integrated into Moodle, Wooclap offers a solution to make the most out of artificial intelligence and enabling teachers and students to gain time. Its new product Quiz Wizard fishes into and makes it possible to create flashcards and quizzes in just a few seconds. Combining Wooclap, Wooflash and Quiz Wizard represents a real revolution for teachers and students, who will work faster and learn more thoroughly.

By addressing the role that AI can play in education and training, our talk aims to inspire educators, administrators, and policymakers to embrace AI as a powerful tool for transforming education. We believe that AI-driven solutions like Quiz Wizard can foster inclusive and engaging learning environments, while conscientiously addressing social biases.