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Day 1 Presentation

The UX Dilemmas of Generative AI

Join Kate Bazilevskaya, UXC and Head of Partnerships at Tiny at Moodle Moot Global 2023, to explore the potential of generative AI to empower education and revolutionize the way prompts are crafted, making them more accessible, engaging, and effective for learners worldwide.

The UX Dilemma

Generative AI has gained significant traction in educational content creation, offering various benefits. The adoption of generative AI in the education sector is on the rise, with researchers and practitioners exploring its potential. 

Creating effective prompts is a challenge, especially for non-AI experts in the educational field, and it has become a UX dilemma that many industry experts call out today. 

As we considered the best way to add an AI capability to our rich text editor, we faced different usability challenges and considerations. We also analyzed related research and data and derived valuable insights, “The State of Rich Text Editing.” We want to share insights and learnings on our journey of building generative AI features. 

About Tiny Technologies:

  • Tiny is a Moodle Certified Integration Partner bringing TinyMCE advanced features to create high-impact course content and increased productivity.
  • TinyMCE is the world’s most trusted WYSIWYG component that enables rich text editing capabilities within an application. It powers 100M+ projects worldwide, and more than 1.5M+ developers use it to add velocity to their tech stacks so that they can build and ship their projects faster.
  • Our customers include Walmart, Drift, Atlassian, Microsoft, NASA, and more.
  • Moodle replaced the initial default editor, Atto, with TinyMCE open-source starting from Moodle version 4.1.