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Day 1 Presentation

Turning insights into action: Learning analytics practices every organization should adopt now

As education leaders know, both Higher Education institutions and businesses have invested significant money and time in adopting Learning Management Systems and other learning technologies. Yet, Higher Education institutions are struggling with lower than 70% retention rates, and businesses in the United States suffered a decrease of $183 billion in profits just in the last nine months. In a recent survey of 600 organizations, 78% reported that their workload has increased over the last three years. This combination causes burnout, disengagement and ultimately impacts employee satisfaction and learner retention.

In this session, hear from Becky Keith, IntelliBoard Chief Product Officer, about how organizations around the world are taking advantage of their LMS data, combined with other learning sources to increase their efficiencies, improve retention and engagement rates, drive revenues, and become more competitive. The session includes real-life examples from leading organizations around the globe.

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