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Day 2 Presentation

Top 10 Moodle Workplace Tips, Tricks & Hacks from a Learning Designer

Moodle Workplace offers a powerful toolkit for creating, sequencing, and delivering high-quality learning experiences. Tools and features such as Programs, Dynamic Rules, Custom Reports, Multi-tenancy, and Custom Pages are designed to allow organizations to automate processes and differentiate content across diverse segments of learners. Each of these tools does precisely what it was designed to do… and yet… when has a Moodle user ever actually used a tool for what it was originally intended?

As a Learning Designer, I listen to users’ learning and site design goals and help them leverage Moodle’s toolkit to achieve these goals. More often than not, this collaborative journey involves the discovery of unconventional and creative approaches – and, perhaps, the occasional clever “hack” – to fully realize Moodle Workplace’s potential.

In this rapid-fire session, I will share my top ten Moodle Workplace tips, tricks, and hacks, complete with follow-up resources, enabling you to experiment with these techniques yourself. Come to hear about tools pushed to their limits and stay to share your own favorite Moodle Workplace wins (near-win’s also welcome!).