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Day 2 Presentation

Moodle Workplace: Administrative Magic for Every Organization

Moodle Workplace sets the standard for a single modern LMS platform, capable of serving the needs of users across all sectors. This session is a synthesis of insights after working on dozens of Moodle Workplace implementations since it was released. Not surprisingly, features developed for corporate and compliance learning have profound potential in primary, secondary, and higher education settings. Come see how programs, certifications, organizational structure, multitenancy, and custom reports can take your Moodle and turn it into a motivational and analytics powerhouse.

After this session attendees will understand:

How programs and certifications work together to create automated cyclical training for organizational compliance
How dynamic rules automate tasks and eliminate tremendous administrative effort annually
How organizational structure can transform academic advising and corporate management
How custom reports can build personalized dashboards that provide deep insight into student and employee success
How multi tenancy can empower educational and corporate institutions to delegate administrative responsibility safely and effectively.