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Day 1 Presentation

Boost Union

Boost Union is an enhanced theme with an outstanding design principle:
As soon as it is activated on your Moodle site, it does not change anything yet and simply behaves as Boost from Moodle core does. But then you can enable and configure exactly the theme features you need and do not need to care about side effects from other, disabled theme features.

In this talk we will take you on a short tour to show the additional helpful features of Boost Union for your daily Moodle operation as administrator, teacher or student, such as:

  • Enhanced branding options to adapt the site to your corporate design.
  • Static pages to easily add important information such as legal notices.
  • Many block regions to customise the site layout.
  • Smart menus to improve navigation.
  • Flavours to build tenant based designs.

Additionally, you can take a sneak peak at some of the features which are currently in the works for upcoming Boost Union releases. Lastly, we explain the community approach on which Boost Union is built and invite you to contribute to the future of Boost Union.

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