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Day 2 Presentation

Customizing Moodle Workplace by combining Moodle’s core functionality with new Workplace functionality to meet our needs for employee training

At Fretex AS in Norway, we use Moodle Workplace as platform for employee training. Our experiences, based on our company’s requirements, showed that we spent too much time in course administration. Due to significant scaling in usage, we had to challenge the way the platform has been used by combining Moodle’s core functionality with new Workplace functionality to find better solutions. We focused on a simpler setup and less manual work for everyone involved to ensure that the training runs smoothly.

Fretex has over 100 employees who are attending a comprehensive onboarding program consisting of 8 major modules, each containing 2-4 sessions structured this way:

  • Preparatory work: E-learning, compendium, reflection tasks.
  • Sessions in Teams: Joint reflection and discussions on how to implement the course content in daily work.
  • Follow-up tasks: Submission of assignments for approval.

The training is held by an educator, and reflection tasks and submissions must be approved by the educator and a team leader. Each onboarding module is used by several educators, and to comply with GDPR (general data protection regulation) in EU, we must ensure each educator only sees work and submissions in their groups. As for team leaders, they must have access to the progress and completion of all their employees, so employees always has to be linked to their team leader.

In the presentation, we will describe how we solved challenges we faced and how we ended up with the current setup by adapting:

  • Multiple organisational structures in Workplace.
  • Group and access management.
  • Dynamic rules for enrolment in correct groups.

Using Moodle Workplace’s functions, we have now solved challenges and provide onboarding that meets our needs and the authorities’ requirements for privacy. Nevertheless, we see areas where simplification is needed to facilitate sustainable solutions when the number of users increases.

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