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Day 2 Presentation

CEPOL’s Law Enforcement Platform (LEEd)

CEPOL was the pathfinder implementing Moodle Workplace as new Learning Management System (LMS) amongst EU agencies and we were ahead of many other organisations too. We switched from regular Moodle platform that supports more the academic environment while Moodle Workplace is an open-source Learning Management System that suits corporate training needs in a professional and fit to purpose manner. During the migration CEPOL introduced several changes and customisation to respond to the needs of the agency. The Law Enforcement Education LMS (LEEd), is a learning platform designed for supporting training and development of law enforcement officials in the European Union and its partner countries and institutions. The submission covers the technical aspects of LEEd, including security, WAF, MFA and resilience, as well as its maintenance schedule and the ongoing developments. It also highlights the consistent strive for improvement, such as development of new plug-ins to support the target group in a personalised way, or the fine-tuning of the global search engine, or establishing the connection with CEPOL’s website. It also describes the internal work on specifications and compliance to the audit requirements of each new feature. Additionally, the submission introduces the LEEd mobile app, the connected digital training products, and the Moodle Workshop CEPOL offers to its Activity Managers. In the presentation is included the training required for all stakeholders though annual Moodle Workshop and the way forward on training level including the CEPOL Digital Competencies Certification for Law Enforcement and Certification. Finally, the submission outlines all the achievements of LEEd and the expectations linked to digitalisation and new strategy of the Agency.